Signal Boosting: looking for marginalised/disenfranchised POVs for the Hugos


The wonderful Shweta Narayan is offering a supporting Worldcon membership (which lets you nominate and vote for the Hugos, and get the Voters’ packet)

So I’d like to [pay a membership], for someone who couldn’t otherwise afford it, but wants to, and can:

– read widely
– optionally (though it’d be awesome!) blog about stories, either critiquing or just signal-boosting ones they loved.
– nominate in all or nearly all categories
– vote in all or nearly all categories

I’d like this to be someone who is marginalized in multiple ways (because I think we have under-represented perspectives) so I’d like to consider people who are some combination of:

poor, of color, not US or UK citizens, queer, female or non-binary IDed, living with a disability (including physical or mental illness), not neurotypical, under 35, not native English speakers, not Christian, and/or marginalized in ways I’m not thinking of right now.

Just to be clear, I’m not holding out for someone who’s all these things! But more than one is a good thing.

More details here–and don’t hesitate to reblog this and otherwise boost the signal!


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