[personal] Moving out, moving out


I don’t post about this much on the blog–but I just emptied my office space over at work, after 4 1/2 years of working with the same company. I’m only leaving tomorrow, but it already feels singularly empty…

Amusing fact of the day: you wouldn’t believe how many mugs and tea-boxes I managed to accumulate on my desk.

Amusing fact of the day #2: my office plant (aka Nyarlathotep, in the grand tradition of naming plants after Lovecraft creatures) is so big it was taking the entire car, and whenever I braked it would poke me in the shoulder. I think it was feeling lonely…

Got a nice going-away party; was given a nice Lancel women’s purse, and a set of Japanese cutting knives, which is going to be a nice change from our old low-end supermarket knife (the H was already eyeing them speculatively. I’m preparing bandages…).

Writing-wise: zero, as I spent the entire day moving boxes from the car to the office space, and back to the car–and then between the flat and the car…


  1. So if we learn you’ve been attacked by a plant using knives, we shouldn’t be worried, right ? (btw, Where are the plant and the knives pics ? :))

  2. Nope, plants using knives are normal 🙂
    Don’t have time for pics (we’re leaving tomorrow evening for La Baule), but I’ll post some when I get the chance.

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