Activities, things learnt


What I tried out this weekend (we went to the countryside with friends and had a go at pretty much anything that sounded fun):
-archery: far, far easier when the bowstring’s tension isn’t cramped up to max, and my hand is shaking with the mere act of holding it steady. Also, I apparently have beginner’s luck, because I can shoot in the centre of the target by accident.
-bowling: still have a very peculiar notion of what constitutes a straight line. It seems I can send the ball spinning very fast, or I can send it spinning very straight, but not both. Interesting, if not necessarily helpful to make quills fall…
-paintball: my natural position as a paintball gunner is entrenched within our camp, drenching anyone who gets too close in a hail of bullets (aka, “last resort obstacle”). And, er, faces and legs make nice targets (people have to peek out to shoot sometimes, but they rarely have the decency to show their whole torsoes).
-cooking: yum yum. We took turns doing the cooking, and we ate some super food (piperade, pasta saltimbocca , pierrade sausages and skewers (hmm, pretty much untranslatable. Pierrade is a hot stone on which the cooking is done), and schnitzels (you have not lived until you see a cook soften up the meat for the schnitzels by beating them up with a frying pan. In the absence of mallets…).

All in all, it was great. Now feeling refreshed and ready to attack the last week of work, before starting the packing and the moving (and a side touch of the holidaying).


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