Torchwood: Miracle Day snark


OK, so apparently, this is how you can tell that Torchwood has become a joint US-UK production:

While the previous jackets of Torchwood featured the entire team in varied/neutral postures (the boxset of seasons 1-
3, the DVD of Children of Earth), or even a stylised abstract (the boxsets of season 1 & season 2), this one has everyone carrying guns (and a mean-looking guy in a suit who could advertise for Hollywood FBI). And, as a bonus, Eve Myler in a highly sexualised aggressive posture (the two guns pointed downwards, the leather jacket, the tight-fitting pants. She could be any number of pseudo bad-ass heroines).

*bangs head against wall*

[1] Not that I particularly liked Torchwood, but I just happened on this while browsing Amazon.
ETA: mind you, the US jacket for Children of Earth isn’t half-bad in the bad-ass babe department, either…


  1. Judging by the jacket art (I haven’t bothered with Torchwood since halfway through season 2, though I did like season 1) Eve Myles also seems to have had plastic surgery, probably to make her more Hollywood pretty. She’s also wearing the sort of pantsuit female cops wear in US crime shows rather than the jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket look she had in season 1.

    And of course, the American actor is placed in the foreground.

  2. Fair point. Something was bothering me about the costumes, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. Yup, she’s morphed into a badass US female hero.

    And of course, the American actor is placed in the foreground.
    Yes, that, too. It doesn’t look good…
    (haven’t bothered with Torchwood since the end of season 1–so many other, better shows to watch)

  3. During the first season of Torchwood, I was active on a Doctor Who related forum and there were complaints from US viewers that Gwen was dressing unprofessionally, because she was not in a pantsuit.

    I wish they would just stick to American remakes of shows that are successful elsewhere. At least that way the original remains untainted and it’s easy to ignore the US remake if it turns out to be crap.

    Though Torchwood has been tainted for me ever since they killed off all of the characters I liked and changed the ones that survived beyond recognition.

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