Global Women in SF roundtable at the World SF blog


Joyce Chng, Csilla Kleinheincz, Kate Elliott, Karen Lord, Ekaterina Sedia and I discuss the Russ Pledge in the context of World SF. Well, sort of. That started out as the intention, but I think the resulting roundtable covers a lot more ground than that (partly a result of six different people on six different time zones editing a common google doc!). Many thanks to Lavie Tidhar for putting this together and for his heroic formatting work in order to make google docs communicate with the World SF blog.

Note: I tried to do my best with the “SF in France” bits of the conversation, but I have a narrow perspective on the matter (ie, just my own, and I’m hardly a typical French reader or SF writer). If you’re reading this and have more reliable information on the matter of SF in France, women in French SF and/or SF Bandes Dessinées, please hop on over to the World SF blog and leave a comment at the bottom of the post.


  1. The Women SF writers is not numerous. Women writers are more attracted by fantasy than science fiction. When i’ve sollicited writers for my anthology, i’ve contatced few women writer. But, they said to me that prefered writing fantasy than science fiction. Menawhile, Arcanes is an anthology of genre mixing where each text introduce fantasy elements in sci fi context.
    There is a forthcoming generation of female writers in fantasy litterature but it’s less true in science fiction.

  2. I’ve spoken of french SF in my previous comment.

  3. Fabien: thanks a lot! It looks like it’s the same situation in the Western Anglophone world, though I’m not sure if there is misogyny in France? (people preferring men’s SF writing to women’s SF writing)

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