Quick reviews roundup


Some Servant of the Underworld mentions (sorry for the long list, I kind of haven’t updated in a long while on this):
Windrose Meanderings (loved it)
You Fight Like Anne Rice (didn’t care so much for the style or the main character)
Solar Bridge (thought the milieu tended to overwhelm the novel)
Jonathan McCalmont at the Zone (to say that he didn’t like it is an understatement. It’s the review with claws I was referring to earlier. I’ve skimmed through it but not really read it–I can deal with this kind of deconstruction, but only after book 3 is completed).
Violin in the Void (thought the setting was great, but was worried some people might think the pace was laggy, and that Neutemoc was a pain)
Miranda Suri (in a more general post about other mindsets, why we should write them and what are the pitfalls. In which I get mentioned next to Lord of Light, one of my all-time fave SF books. Wow).
starlady38 (really liked it, thought Mihmatini was awesome)
trollsmyth (thinks it would make an awesome tabletop RPG. I’d tend to agree–it would be extra fun to dump PC into Tenochtitlan. I’d GM that kind of thing myself, if GMing didn’t interfere with my creative processes).


  1. Thanks for the mention Aliette! I personally didn’t think the book lagged, just that others might feel that way, and Acatl wasn’t a pain, only a little frustrating at times. Neutemoc on the other hand…
    I loved Mihmatini and Teomitl though, so I’m hoping to read more about them in the next book, as well as see more of the mythical worlds. Just waiting oh so paitently for ARC… 🙂

    Lauren (inkspot)

  2. He, no problem.
    Thanks for dropping by. I’ll amend the post.
    I can say without spoilers that we see a lot more of Mihmatini and Teomitl in book 2 🙂

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