Today’s rant


Well, two rants, actually. It’s been a bemusing kind of day.

Resolutely failed to buy the Lymond chronicles in ebook format (I have the paper editions but wanted to have them handy for, say, holidays). However, my purse balked at paying ten freaking pounds per book for something I essentially already own in another format. (it occurred to me that for the price of three ebooks, I can buy a 16GB card, too. No comments necessary).

And if I see one more American remake of a successful other-language movie, under the pretext that Americans are too bemused to handle dubs or (Heaven forbid) subtitles, I’ll hit something. Hard, and with a spiked iron gauntlet. (this brought to you courtesy of Let Me In and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo).


  1. What about a US remake of an *English-language* film, namely the rather good Australian horror film Lake Mungo? The idea that Americans can’t handle Aussie accents on screen goes back at least as far as the original Mad Max, redubbed into American on its original release in the UK and USA.

    While I won’t concede their need to exist, I’ll suspend judgement on the Let Me In and Dragon Tattoo remakes until I see them. At least they have two good child actors in the former and a decent director for the latter.

  2. The US remake of an Australian horror film is about on the same level as the US publishers “translating” stuff, like Harry Potter, from UK to US English.
    I don’t deny remakes can be good–it’s their “need to exist”, like you say, which bugs the heck out of me…

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