Interesting deliveries


So, I came home tonight and found a huge parcel in the living room. By “huge”, I mean, “a large piece of burlap wrapped up around something heavy, pulled up, and tied with a little knot around the neck”. And by “parcel”, what I mean is “sack”, because that’s the first thing it reminded me. I asked the H what the heck that was, and he said with a huge smile, “you can tell me, because it’s addressed to you”.
After half an hour with scissors and several paper cuts (there was a cardboard envelope inside the burlap, which is sadism), I finally managed to unwrap the package. Inside was a rather large hardcover I had ordered a while ago (A4-sized, 500 pages).
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to have got my book. I’m happy they saw the need to protect it on its journey from the states. I understand the fact this wouldn’t fit inside a standard envelope, and that something a little more drastic might be called for.
But really? A sack of burlap five times the volume of the book?

Current mood: amused


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