Back, and looking for a Locus copy


The weather was sort of nice (ie not too much rain). I dunked the H into the Brittany sea (a harsh experiment when all your swimming has been done south of Bordeaux, where the water is markedly warmer); we cycled to a few nice places (with raincoat on), and we did some shopping for clothes and shoes and stuff. And slept a lot. A nice, eventless holiday 🙂

Saw the cover and TOC for the September issue of Asimov’s, which will contain my non-fiction piece “The View From The Other Side” on non-Western, non-Anglophone SF. Happy to be sharing a TOC with Nancy Fulda and Mary Robinette Kowal (and, wow, why am I occupying so much space on that cover…?)

In other news, would anyone happen to have a copy of the latest (July) Locus? I’m told there are nice reviews of “The Jaguar House in Shadow” (which was in the July issue of Asimov’s) in both the Gardner Dozois and the Rich Horton column, and obviously I forgot to renew my subscription at this key moment… Thanks in advance!
ETA: didn’t realise I’ve been unclear–I just wanted a peek at the review contents, not the copy itself (wouldn’t want to despoil anyone here…)
ETA: thanks to the awesome Cate Gardner, my curiosity is now suitably sated.


  1. I have a copy, you’re welcome to it if you want it.

  2. Aw, thanks a lot! I do feel a little embarrassed at being unclear, though, because my intention wasn’t to steal a copy from anyone… I just wanted to see if there was a way I could get the reviews (if they’re not too long. I appreciate that transcribing text is annoying) without going through the hassle of ordering my own copy from the Locus website…

  3. Not a problem. Do you want me to email them to you or post them here?

  4. Oh…
    I would love if you could email them to me (aliettedbATyahooDOTcom). Thanks a lot, much much obliged!

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