Next week…


…I’m going to Eastercon at Heathrow. Starting to feel quite excited, as I’ll have a chance to see people I haven’t spoken to in a while. Sadly not able to take my Friday off as I originally intended, but I still hope to have a good time.

I can haz programming as well this year:
Saturday, Noon-1pm, Hotel Lobby: Open Autograph Session. If you want Servant of the Underworld signed… And if you don’t have the book, I have bookmarks to hand out.

Saturday, 2pm-3pm, 41 (Winchester): Writing in English as a Foreign Language. In which I meet up with Claude Lalumiere again (we were on a panel together on that very same subject at Worldcon–but in French and for a very reduced audience).

Saturday, 6pm, Royal C+D (Edwd/Vic), Book Launch PartyShine. Drinks, French cheese and other munchies, and the chance to meet Jetse de Vries, Alastair Reynolds, Gareth L Powell and Eva Maria Chapman. Come join us for food and fun!

Otherwise, I’ll be hanging around, probably near the bar. Don’t hesitate to say hi–I should be relatively easy to spot :=)


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