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So, in my quest to widen my reading habits… Anyone have some good urban fantasy with a solid mystery plot they’d like to recommend?

I haven’t dipped into UF for a while, and my memory is a little hazy, but I read a bunch of books a few years ago where the focus was more on the worldbuilding, the characters and the cool magic, rather than on the suspects, the red herrings and the twists–if it makes sense. I want something that works as a thriller/detective story on its own terms, rather than have it be lame and saved by the fantasy or romance component (“lame” being defined as “I can guess the culprit within the first fifty pages”).

Thanks in advance!


  1. Have you read the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher? Highly recommended if you’re looking for UF with a bit of hard-boiled ‘noir’ mystery angle.

    Also Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series – similar vein, but with a great deal more emotional baggage.


  2. I’ve ordered the Felix Castor. Haven’t read the Dresden books, no–they sound like a good match, but I’m a little worried that the tone is going to be too noir for me (in the sense of “we know who the bad guy is, all we need to figure out is how to take them down”). But I’ll have a look once I’ve exhausted the Castor books.

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