Crabby crabby


Arg. Getting to work today: 2h30 minutes in a packed bus (vs. 45 minutes usually).
Yes, it snowed. Loads and loads of snow, to be precise, and it’s not a good idea to have hills between you and your destination in that sort of case, especially when the cities are taken by surprise and don’t put salt on their roads to remove said snow.
Also, the suburban trains were on strike, just for the heck of it.

(getting back from work: 1h00, thanks to a colleague’s car and half an hour crammed into a train that was literally packed to the rafters. The mood has been better.)


  1. 2 hours 30 mins is a nightmare. It takes me 1 hour 15 mins to go to University on public transport, and the same to return – and I think that is ridiculous (the trip is 20 minutes by car). Good thing it doesn’t snow where I live 😉

  2. I’m closer to you when it’s not snowing (a little better on the days when I can take the bus). And I agree, it’s still a hellacious commute time.
    I dearly hope it won”t snow again…

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