On Horizon’s Shores at IGMS


My SF novelette “On Horizon’s Shores” is now up in issue 14 of IGMS.

Alex and Thi Loan transferred at Sapalawa Spaceport, from their small shuttle to a military Naga craft — the only ones still allowed to crawl between the stars with the fuel shortage.

Because the thought of their mission on Horizon weighed on Alex’s mind, he said, “You’ve read the files?”

Thi Loan shrugged. “There isn’t much. Professor Kishore died — and then . . . suddenly there wasn’t enough fuel for the spaceships.” She smiled, a showing of white teeth against her tanned skin.

Read more at the IGMS website.

Many many thanks to Edmund Schubert, who did amazing editing–cutting and trimming a useless scene, improving the flow and clarifying a lot of plot that existed only in my head.

Also thanks to those who took a look at the first draft: T.L. Morganfield, Kevin Shaw, Fred Warren, cklabyrinth, Christine Lucas, Rod Santos and Justin Pilon.

And will you just look at that cover art? Wow. Just… wow. Dean Spencer has done a truly amazing job illustrating the story.


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