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Has anyone got a recommendation for good task management software on a mac? I’ve been using Thunderbird’s calendar, but it’s a little wonky as a solution…


  1. I’ve been using Entourage since I got a Mac about a year ago because it was all about Outlook before that. Entourage is far from perfect, but offers a lot tools to help me stay on top of stuff. The problem is that (a) it’s geared toward a more business oriented sector and (b) it’s about to be replaced by Outlook for Mac, and who’s knows if that will be any good in its first iteration. The bottom line is that these are still all Microsoft products, so there you go.

    I recently started using Google Calendar, which has a Task application. It’s easy to use and customize and I like that it’s web based, so I can see it anywhere.

  2. Celtx (which I blogged about at Liberty Hall) includes a light task-management and calendar capability. It’s open source and available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

  3. Thanks!
    I have Entourage somewhere–I might try it (I’m not overly optimistic, given that MS Word is the only program that’s managed to make my OS freeze so far). Google Calendar is what I was using, and I like it a lot–but it’s web-based, and I’ve been looking to take my tasks off the internet…
    Celtx sounds interesting–I’ll check it out.

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