Event: Nine Worlds

Nine Worlds

I will be dropping by Nine Worlds briefly on Sunday 10th August 2014–bummed I can’t stay longer, but the snakelet takes precedence :p

My schedule is as follows:
Writing Historical Fiction and Fanfic
How do we write about historical characters? Is historical fiction a form of Real Person Fiction if it features people who appear in the historical record? A panel of authors and fans discuss techniques of writing historical fiction and how writing about the dead differs from writing about the living.

Food in Science Fiction
How do aliens eat? What do they eat? Do they eat at all? Will they want to eat us? Food is essential to human survival and to the survival of most everything we normally think of as living, so in any journey to an alien world it can never be forgotten. Our panel discuss the different ways in which we might grow or construct food in the future, as well as the role food plays in science fiction of all kinds
Panel: Sarah McIntyre, Gareth L. Powell and Aliette de Bodard

Come and say hi if you’re attending!


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